Welcome to the Processing of Advanced Materials research group at Oxford University. The group leader is Patrick Grant, Vesuvius Professor of Materials. Our research takes place at the interface between advanced materials and manufacturing. The group investigates a wide range of material and processes, including the manufacture of battery electrodes for energy storage such as Li ion batteries and solid state batteries, solidification and processing of metallic alloys for greater recirculation, and additive manufacture/3D printing of materials for microwave devices.

In our manufacturing research we have a mixture of commercial processing facilities alongside manufacturing equipment we have designed ourselves to provide novel capability, which is built in our labs or by specialist sub-contractors. The group works closely with many industrial funders and collaborators, and with many other universities across the globe. For our work on X-ray imaging of dynamic processes taking place during materials manufacture, we access X-ray synchrotrons around the world, as well as neutron sources for in situ diffraction studies of phase evolution.

The group is primarily based at Oxford University's Begbroke Science Park, approximately 5 miles north of Oxford city centre. The Begbroke Science Park provides the group with large-scale laboratories unavailable in central Oxford that are critical for our relatively large-scale manufacturing research. The 350sqm Advanced Processing Laboratory is the hub for the group's research.

Team photo